Layla Soileau

TV screenwriter

About Layla

Layla’s screenwriting is fueled by her experiences growing up as a closeted, gender non-conforming queer in a loud Catholic, Cajun family and learning to survive as an out adult in the American South. Her work explores themes of family, queerness, race, class, grief, and gender identity.

Growing up in rural South Louisiana, TV and movies broadened Layla’s world, but finding characters like her was rare. Layla is committed to bringing more diverse voices and characters to Hollywood through screenwriting and community-building. She recently founded an international LGBTQ+ online screenwriting group.

Layla has a B.A. in English, Writing and Culture from Louisiana State University. She lives in Austin, Texas.

Layla is currently seeking representation.

Layla smiling in front of a brick wall

Featured screenplays

Layla loves writing and developing original drama and dramedy pilots for television.

Motherload poster


60 minute TV Drama

After her husband’s death, a Texas school bus driver takes over his long-haul trucking route to make ends meet only to discover that it’s part of a dangerous smuggling ring run by his former mistress.

Long Pine Shadows Poster


60 minute TV Dramedy

In the late 90s, an irresponsible, queer 26-year-old inherits her closeted gay uncle’s assisted living facility in a bible-thumping North Louisiana small town.

I Know Water poster


60 minute TV Drama

In a small Cajun town in the mid-80s, a pre-teen girl investigates her father’s mysterious disappearance.